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Fixed Indexed Annuities

At Todd Davis Insurance Group, our insurance agents are ready to explain everything you need to know about Fixed Indexed Annuities. Once you visit or contact our offices in Kansas, we will fully explain and illustrate the various types of annuities that we offer.

How do Fixed Indexed Annuities work?

This is always a deal between you and us. This type of annuity earns a given rate of interest for a given time. It can be any figure. After the depletion of the given time duration, we start over again with a new interest rate. One can relate the fixed annuities to certificates of deposits in any bank. This is because we have a guarantee of not only interests but also principles. However, the annuities' security is related to the financial health of the insurance company.

People tend to confuse fixed annuities and index annuities. Well, index annuities are but a particular type of fixed annuity. This because the growth of the underlying index determines the amount of interest credited on an index annuity. As the fixed annuity accumulates, we ensure that your money earns interest at the rates set. We guarantee that the money will pay not less than a minimum rate of interest.

When one opts for fixed index annuity, we offer you the following benefits:

    You gain security and safety

  • Your interest will be fully secured. The annuity will be protected and private.

  • Higher rates

  • Unlike fixed interest annuities, we offer higher interest rates as time goes onward.

  • Death benefits

  • Anyone who will inherit from you will get your full account without any penalties.

  • Lifetime income

  • This is the only product we offer that gives you and your spouse (if married) a full-time income until when you will die. Once you retire, we always give you a boost in your account value

If you need more information on a policy, please contact Todd Davis Insurance Group today or visit us in Kansas. Our agents can walk you through the process and answer your questions.


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