Auto Insurance

We know that if we buy a car, we need insurance, and this leaves us seeking affordable options to protect ourselves and our families...

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Home Insurance

Whether we own a Kansas home or rent our living space, home is where we spend our quality time and keep the things that matter to us...

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Commercial Insurance

As a business owner in Kansas, you should consider taking up a commercial insurance policy to protect your investment...

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With Todd Davis Insurance Group

Events such as accidents and natural disasters occur spontaneously leaving a huge financial burden for the affected lot. However, with an insurance policy in place, you can recover from such a setback. If you live in Kansas, the Todd Davis Insurance Group writes insurance policies for the area.

Here are our coverage options:

Home insurance

The home insurance coverage protects your living space and its contents against hazards such as fires, burglaries, and damages. There is also a liability coverage option that pays to represent you in court.

Auto Insurance

If you own a car in Kansas, it is advisable that you take up an auto insurance coverage for it. An auto insurance coverage option insures your vehicle against events such as accidents and burglary. In case you are sued for damages after an accident, the liability coverage option covers your legal expenses.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial investments take a lot of time and financial resources to set up. Losing such investments to uninsured perils could affect the business's cash flows in the short and long term. The reprieve, however, lies in taking up a commercial insurance policy for your business. Commercial insurance protects your business against perils such as burglary and natural disasters. There is also the employers' liability insurance which covers your legal expenses.

Umbrella Insurance

The umbrella insurance policy affords you an extra bit of coverage after you exhaust your basic liability coverage limits. For example, when you exhaust your home and auto liability coverage limits.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

A fixed indexed annuity is a long-term savings option that offers principal protection and an excellent potential for growth. It affords you more growth than a fixed annuity along with a lesser risk. Fixed Indexed Annuities are excellent retirement savings plan options.

Classic Car insurance

Classic cars are excellent souvenirs, and it's quite normal to develop an attachment to your classic car. Protect your vehicle today by taking up our classic car insurance. Our classic car insurance coverage options include comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

Todd Davis Insurance Group Insurance Agency offers ideal insurance coverage options in Kansas. Contact us today to have your questions answered and to receive a quote. If you are looking for a quote on home or auto insurance, try our online rating tool.

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